The very genesis of this college repicturises a good deal of episodes of the drama of events and adversities it faced during its pre-natal stage. The very nomenclature of this college, i.e., J. M. D. P. L. Mahila College, Madhubani, in short, and Jhumak Mahaseth Dr. Dharmapriya Lal Mahila College, Madhubani, in full, speaks clearly that there are two distinguished personalities, in the main, who are the pivotal instruments in erecting this Pyramid-like institution dealing in female education in this region of backwardness, economically; but the area is so forward and enriching in matters of knowledge and wisdom. This is the land of King Janaka who was an earthly man, but the father of a divine daughter, named Maithili whose creation we all are! So, a strange co-incidence (paradox) is presented to us ‘Poverty among Plenty’. When this College was established in 1971 affiliated up to Intermediate level by the Government of Bihar, Patna. The girl students from far and wide thronged the college as if, thirsty people have found out an ‘Oasis’ in a desert. So, this college was an exclusive outlet for babies and teenagers (girl students).
Although, there was already a premier college named R. K. College, Madhubani serving the students in the mode of co-education, this J. M. D. P. L. Mahila College, played a very significant role in the dissemination of female education, though with limited resources. Because, no sanctioned posts of teaching and non-teaching cadres existed at that time. Still the Managers of the college aroused the lovers of learning to donate their invaluable services to the cause of letters and learning and the teachers and enlightened readers did respond to the requests of the Managing Committee. They spared their services without - charging any returns. Thus, a selfless spirit on the part of the teachers also helped the college grow successively.
In the establishment of this Mahila College, two names figure prominently. They are respectively Jhumak Mahaseth and Dr. Dharmapriya Lal, D. Litt. himself a Reader in the Department of Hindi, C.M. College, Darbhanga , Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. We must note that this land of Mithila has a rich heritage in matters of pedantry and education. These two names Jhumak Mahaseth and Dr. Dharmapriya Lal are really the synonyms of our Ancient great donors like the legendary Prince Karna of Mahabharata of yore.
The first name late Jhumak Mahaseth had a Dharamshala in the heart of the town lying deserted and occupied by unlawful people, since long, seeking redemption. And with the incessant struggle of the Managing Committee and with the active participation of the erstwhile Administration, the very captive Dharmashala was owned by the Ad-hoc committee of the college. After a good deal of trials, the donors of the college were won over to spare their land. Some gracious people of the town also came forward and extended their money for affiliation. Here, we must acknowledge the ceaseless efforts of Dr. Dharmapriya Lal , D. Litt, Reader in the Department of Hindi, C. M. College, Darbhanga, Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. He was well-versed in Gurukul tradition of learning. Also, he was a known educationist of his time. It was his zest for learning that inspired him to do something for female education in this part of Madhubani where the ratio in female education was at its low ebb. He knocked at every door-village and town-to awaken the people from slumber. In this effort, he was laughed at, too, but he never relented. At last, this College was implanted well on the land of Mithila by virtue of his indomitable will-power in the year 1972. And under a policy - A Woman College in every district-this College was accorded a Constituent status in the year 1986.
In its period of formation, the College had to be run in a reputed high School located in the heart of the town G. M. S. S. High School, Madhubani for want of a suitable accommodation chaired once again by a Principal named late Luxman Panjiyar, initiated into Gurukul Parampara. The chief objective of the college, since its inception, has been to shape the young minds with the urge for creativity, spirit of tolerance and scientific temper. At present, the College is fully equipped to meet any challenge in matters of learning and research. An iconic women institute of Madhubani is striving to carve a niche for itself on the country’s education map by adopting the new techniques and innovative skills. In course of time it has acquired many laurels to its credit. The motto of the College is ‘I have miles to go before I sleep’, of Robert Frost.