· To provide qualitative and need-oriented education to all the strata of society irrespective of prejudice and to make an utmost utilization of resources at our disposal.
· To create and promote cultural, ecological and environmental awareness among the students.
· To sustain a teaching-learning environment adding favourably to the general pursuit of higher education and learning relevant skills and crafts.
· To attach every possible leverage to self discipline and self-less service to the mass in general.
· To provide best possible opportunity for faculty members to update their knowledge in teaching and research skills in each subject. To stimulate them in their active participation in socio-economic fronts including gender and fundamental human rights consciousness fastidiously through the outlet of co-curricular activities etc.
· To aim at providing quality & need based education to students of all sections of society without any discrepancy and through optimum utilization of existing resources.
· To create a sound academic campus of learning of repute through college action and interaction.